Around The Wound

by All Beat Up

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Our second of many DIY offerings to come- better than the last, not as good as the next, right? We sure hope so.

Thank you Erik, thank you Ricky, thank you Osram, thank you Nathan, thank you Nick, thank you Wesley, thank you to our understanding neighbors, thank you to any coworker who covered a shift so we could work on this, thank you Spaghetti may you live forever please stop barking at the door.

It's okay to believe in yourself. It's important.


released August 2, 2017

Recorded and mixed by All Beat Up with help from Erik Wilbur in our yellow house in City Heights, SD, CA.
Mastered by Wesley Wolfe
Album art by Bryan Phillips



all rights reserved


All Beat Up San Diego, California

A mostly DIY punk band from SD, CA. All songs recorded and produced entirely by All Beat Up in our little yellow house in City Heights except for the ones that aren't.
Insta: @all_beat_up

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Track Name: Funeral (Misplaced Anger pt.1)
I've got a gun and it's got your name all over it
I dug the hole, but you're the one that's full of shit
I'm clearly not sober

I saw a ghost and it had my face all over it
Broke your bird bones, it was trial by punishment

I threw you at the sun
'Cause when I'm scared I run

I can be your grieving moan, your sinking boat
But I refuse to be your villain
you're not the only one here let down

So I'll say "Amen" like it's over
While the funeral goes on
Track Name: The Tide
You can try to clean around the wound
But if your fingers don’t touch blood, the scab’s going nowhere
You can try to tell the kids you’re cool but if they won’t listen then they won’t listen
And they’re not listening

There’s a bad man inside of me
And I can’t stop him when he wants out

You’re smart enough to call it fear, but are you brave enough to ask why
We’re so afraid of what happens when we all die?

So you can run in circles for the moon
But we both know the tide will never change
It’s not a fucking game

Those beans that you count, you know you can’t take them with you
I know that it’s not fair but I can’t care if I don’t want to
And I don’t want to

And since none of us are getting out of this alive
Maybe pennies shouldn’t be how we measure time
At least not mine
Track Name: Pity Parade (Misplaced Anger pt.2)
They closed the whole damn town
For the pity parade
And when confetti fell, it landed on empty streets

You liar

You ate your fucking young
So I won't stay to hear your mourning
I'll throw you at the sun
But I won't stay to smell you burn

They closed the whole damn town
For the pity parade
And when confetti fell, it landed on empty streets
Track Name: Killjoy
As all you fears come to pass
Are they the same as the ones you've felt before?
You keep your ears in the past
It's not your fucking world anymore

"Old man take a look at my life,
I'm a lot like you-"
But I've got nowhere to hide from the dead man's truth
So yeah you were right
We're all gonna die
but what about life?

I came not to save
Nor to be saved by your paper crowns
I am Cane, the victim of destiny
You are Abel, ironically named

You better run you motherfucker
You think this is your house?
You can't tell me you don't see hypocrisy-
You deny your part in this world
Then cry
When the world turns its back
Track Name: Six Feet (Misplaced Anger pt.3)
You are the voice inside the mountain
And I hear you screaming low
You are the six feet
I am under
I am the writing on the wall that says
"It's not my fucking job to make you want me.
You can call it a surprise if you think that'll help you sleep at night."

I'm not here to tell you what to do with your time
I just came to say
That you can't have more of mine