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We had a debate about changing the chorus. in the original "California über alles" was criticizing the elitism of Jerry Brown and later, the straight-up fascism of Ronald "gay cancer" Reagan. We decided to keep it because for us, "California über alles" has turned into a rallying cry. We hold our hippy-dippy, snowflake, California values very close to us. The environment is fucking important. Treating everyone with decency and respect regardless of race, gender, gender identity, class, sexuality, or religion is fucking important. Taking care of the poor is fucking important. So yeah, California über-fucking alles.
(p.s. Dead Kennedys please please please don't sue us, we're not making any money on the song please please god, please)


released May 20, 2017

Original song by Deak Kennedys
New lyrics/song by All Beat Up
Recorded and mixed by All Beat Up in our little yellow house in City Heights, SD, CA
Mastered by Wesley Wolfe



all rights reserved


All Beat Up San Diego, California

A mostly DIY punk band from SD, CA. All songs recorded and produced entirely by All Beat Up in our little yellow house in City Heights except for the ones that aren't.
Insta: @all_beat_up

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Track Name: CA//ÜA (originally by Dead Kennedys)
I am emperor Donald Trump
More like Putin's fucking chump
And now I'm your president
The people's power will soon go away
I will be Führer one day
I will command all of you
Your kids will kneel to pray in school
Your kids will kneel to pray in school
California über alles
Men-fascists will control you
De-regulate for the master race
And always wear the orange face
So close your eyes, it can't happen here
Big Bro on fat ass is here
The hippies won't come back, they'll pay
for healthcare on minimum wage
Healthcare on minmum wage
California über alles
Now it's 1984
I can knock down your front door
It's the straight-white people's police
Under orders from a corporate mouthpiece
Go quietly to the camp
You'll look nice as a draw-string lamp
Don't worry it's only a shower
It's what comes with unquestioned power
So die, now the o-zone is poison gas
Serpent's egg already hatched
You will choke you fucking chump
When you fuck with Emperor Trump
When you fuck with Emperor Trump
California über alles
California'll be the first to go unless you fucking think